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~ Harry Says ... May 9, 2020 edit delete
Harry M.
Ever wanna beat someone up for doing you dirty, but don't want to get the authorities involved? Invoke the time honored tradition of KNOT KNUCKLES, and you can pound the little snot without recourse!

Rules of Knot Knuckles:
1.) One party has to do something objectively - not subjectively - loathsome. Example: Kick a critter.
2.) The second party must verbally express KNOT KNUCKLES, to inform the other they did a wrong, and are about to receive a beating.
3.) Ideally, there is a witness to both the incident and declaration, though it is not required if both parties abide to the rules of Knot Knuckles.
4.) Knot Knuckles is a second-to-last resort. It should not be invoked unless all other reasonable avenues of conflict resolution have been explored.
5.) After Knot Knuckles has been concluded, the matter is settled. Knot Knuckles cannot be invoked for the same offense more than once.
6.) If Knot Knuckles is deemed to have been wrongly invoked, that party will submit to being tied to a tree for one hour, wherein all who practice Knot Knuckles will be invited to slap or verbally shame said party.
7.) Parties that do not recognize Knot Knuckles are Warts. **refer to Knot Knuckles Handbook for more information.**

The Creator does not condone the use of Knot Knuckles in real life.
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